I am so tired. 

Mental exhaustion. This is the first moment of the day when I have been even remotely alone with my thoughts. Even now, two children and a dog are nearby while American Ninja Warrior blares in the background. 

Nonstop thinking, planning, shopping, copying, cutting, working, deciding, reminding, peace-making, solving, cooking, cleaning, packing, calling, texting, explaining, more reminding…


Days with no margin are life draining. Even though the day was full of joy moments, reaching goals, sweet hugs, and even a Chai Tea Latte, my tank is  empty. If my children need me at this point, I will do what any mom would, but  it will not be easy. 

Looking ahead, I see a girls’ weekend on the horizon, and I take a deep breath and smile. It’s coming. Refueling. Refreshing. Rest. 

I know myself well enough to know that I can only survive so many days with no margin. I can thrive with even fewer, and that is real life, the thriving kind. It’s the one Jesus invited us to experience with him. Abundant life. 

Yes, there are days that demand everything, leaving us wiped out and weary, unable to think about one more thing. When we are there, empty and exhausted, Jesus is waiting. I believe that rest and refreshing are holy gifts offered to us by our Savior. 

Opening those gifts, accepting the rest he offers is so difficult for us girls. What happens when we stop? How will we get it all done if we take a break? We are needed. Someone is counting on us. 

The bigger question is “what happens if we don’t stop?”

Sometimes the gift of rest is a short break in the day, a sweet conversation with a friend. Sometimes it is a snow day or an ice storm keeping us home, a cancelled game allowing us a night with family all together. 

At other times, Jesus is asking us to choose rest. The gift is given and only needs to be opened. An opening in life for refueling, slowing, breathing. He asks us to open the gift without fear of failing at life if we stop the working and striving. Over and over he shows us he can be trusted, that it’s really all in his hands, not ours. 

He designed us like rechargeable batteries. Our bodies are made for rest. Our spirits need laughter. Our minds need quiet and contemplation. Our soul needs a moment to share it all with our Father. 

A cool guy named Paul said that we are all tempted, but that God is faithful to provide a way out. Ever been tempted to do it all, control it all, and save the day in super woman fashion? Stop! There’s a way out. 

Remember that God is saying to you every day, “I’ve got this.”

Remember that the world won’t fall apart if you stop, but you might if you don’t.

“Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.”

“Be still and know that I am God.”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.”

He’s got this! Now go take a nap!