One Simple Thing- Drink water

You may not be there yet, but mid forties have been challenging for me. I don’t have as much energy and I have to work 50 times harder to see results in my fitness level. I am wearing bifocal contacts and taking supplements to try and survive the battle of the hormones raging inside me. It is a lot of work taking care of yourself as you age.

One simple thing that I am doing is drinking enough water. The benefits are phenomenal and it’s the one thing I can do that is free, available, and guaranteed to make me feel better. It curbs my appetite, helps with bloating, makes my skin look fresher and my pants feel looser. Just google the benefits of staying hydrated. Amazing!

We are bombarded with messages about health, some conflicting. Drink milk. Don’t drink milk. Eat eggs. Eggs are bad. Don’t eat carbs. You need carbs. Eat protein before bed. Don’t eat after 7:00. It’s all about calories. Don’t count calories.

I need simple and until I find what works for me, at least I can drink water. Lots of it. If you are feeling sluggish, it very well could be from a lack of hydration. Plan ahead and get yourself a great water bottle. Try to finish half of your daily intake of water before lunch and the other half by dinner. You might be amazed at how great you feel. Yes, you will initially make lots of trips to the restroom but your body will adjust eventually.

Feeling great is worth the effort, so I hope you are still  with me on the 5th day of the journey. Getting eight hours of sleep has been way harder than I thought. I love sleep so I saw that as the easiest of the Big Five.  I don’t know if you have experienced this, but I have been more motivated and confident in general. Living purposefully in one area leads to growth in other areas.

I have been in a better mood and more excited about life this week. I have had more energy late in the day and accomplished more than usual. The weekend is approaching, but I don’t want to lose ground, so I stocked up on healthy snacks, planned my workouts, and some fun time to relax with friends.

What about you? What can you do to intentionally be good to yourself?

Today’s Good To Me challenge

Get a blanket and lay under the stars thanking God for your life.