Some things come easy for us. Some things make us want to scream. And hit something. And call those we love terrible names. And eat an entire bag of peanut M&M’s instead.

There are two things that whisper “Just eat the M&M’s” to me. 

Paperwork and tech stuff. Proof of God’s sense of humor since I am a special education teacher and a blogger. 

I recently attended a blog conference (yes, they exist) and walked away so inspired, so challenged to use my passion for writing to make a difference in the world. I’m in. All in. Except for the fact that I can’t figure out how to set up my new blog on WordPress cause you know it’s techy, and in order to figure it out I have to read 174,000 detailed directions in some tutorial. I would rather glue my eyelids to a tree.

What would really help me is to have a WordPress “pro” sit down and show me how to do it. That’s how I learn. If I’m listening to someone tell me, the words become a smeared mess of nonsense in my little head, and I just feel stupid. 

Show me. Don’t tell me.

Show me. Don’t tell me. That’s what the world around us is saying. Quit telling me about Jesus and show me his grace when you don’t “approve” of me. Stop telling me how to be a Christian and show me what forgiveness looks like when you’ve been wronged. Show me what it looks like to face death without fear. Show me how to respect my husband when he doesn’t deserve it.

Jesus wants to show his love to your neighbor across the street and the girl you work with in the office. How? Through you. His love living through you in your love and choices.

There is someone walking through something that makes them want to scream. A way out can’t be seen. It’s too hard, and instead of a bag of M&M’s, they’re reaching for a bottle or divorce papers. 

Will you be the one to live out the wisdom and grace of Jesus while the world desperately searches for healing. It’s a broken world wondering what wholeness looks like. “Show me. Don’t tell me,” it whispers.

God has always shown us, hasn’t he? Sunrise upon sunset. Chain after chain of mountains declaring his beauty and strength. A moon reflecting the light of the sun as we gaze at the night sky. A cup of hot coffee on a cool, sleepy Monday morning. An encouraging word from a friend just when we need it. All love. All grace. Shown to us by our Savior.

Who need to see Jesus today? 

35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13:35