A quiet space is not a luxury in life but a necessity.

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray. Luke 5:16

I remember riding a local carousel with my children when they were little, watching their eyes full of delight; the movement, music, colors, and lights. My husband’s stomach couldn’t take it and he would stand and wave when we came past him. Round and round.

Life is like that carousel right now for some of us. We wake up to constant movement and noise; the lights and music of our day whirling around and around. We may love the ride or we may be feeling nauseated, but the same is true for all of us; we have to stop. We need to stop.


If Jesus made a point to slip away to a quiet place, we should follow. Jesus was constantly surrounded by people who needed him, but his need for time with his Father was important. Is it important to you?

I bet if someone asked you and I to make a list of our top five priorities, God would be most likely at the top. Our intentions are good, but the busyness of life takes over. We are needed in five places at once, and we can’t imagine letting go of any of the commitments on our calendar. But we all have to find a way to stop. We need to stop.


When was the last time you withdrew to a quiet place to pray? Where is your wilderness? It may be your closet or your back porch.  What could you do today to make changes in your schedule so you could go there often? How can you stop the carousel today? The Father will meet you in your quiet wilderness.

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