There are moments in life when I believe God snatches my glasses right off my face and wipes the lenses clean; when he slows the frantic pace of my day against my will, and stops me in my tracks just to show me my own foolishness. These are grace moments.

Don’t you think it’s out of grace that God presses pause, grabs us by the shoulders and shakes us, saying, “Wake up!”

Ever have those moments? When a friend your age is diagnosed with cancer, and you think, “that could be me.” Or you escape a near fatal car accident and suddenly all of life becomes so clear? Someone you know tragically loses a child, and you hold yours closer, choosing to lay aside work deadlines and emails. Maybe you hear an inspirational teacher challenge you with the truth of God’s word, and it’s like the words were meant just for you.

Being pulled away

I confess to you that I am easily swayed by our first world culture- both its pleasures and its pressures. I can get caught up in making myself comfortable and happy, avoiding God’s purpose for my life. My “to do” list can capture all of my attention, putting my relationships in the backseat. Social media steals a mile if I give it an inch. Life wasted.

I drift away from purpose so easily, but then grace opens my eyes to show me how far off shore I am. Like a kid at the beach, playing in the waves, I suddenly realize the current has taken me far from where I started. I fight through the crashing tide and run back up the beach to find my father.

Grace. It’s God’s grace pulling us out of the ruts we have allowed to form as we become driven by the “worries of this life.” It’s God’s grace throwing water in our face, slapping us out of our stupor like a scene from a movie. Wake up! Snap out of it! 

Don’t Miss your life!

We only have this one life. This is not a dress rehearsal. Out of his great love for us, God gives us those grace moments, the gift of seeing the eternal so that we don’t waste our days pursuing what won’t last, the things that simply use up our days leaving us empty and off course.

Make no mistake about it, God has plans for you, a beautiful purpose for your life. You are uniquely designed and placed right in the very spot where God can use you best. He crosses your path with those who need to hear his good news from you. 

doubt, distraction, & deception.

We all doubt at times. Maybe you doubt that God really has more for you than just surviving day to day, so you just keep moving, rolling in the ruts. You might doubt that what you are doing has eternal significance. Perhaps you doubt the goodness of God and his love for you and it’s keeping you from pursuing his plans for you.

So many of us truly desire the purpose God has for us, but this world and its expectations and attractions are constant distractions. What are the distractions in your life that are keeping you from pursuing his purpose. What is pulling you away from what matters?

Most of us have been deceived by the enemy to believe that we are not enough. Not good enough, beautiful enough, spiritual enough, clean enough, talented enough, forgiven enough. Deception can keep us in hiding, missing out on our purpose because we just are enough for what God wants. We believe that God can’t use us or won’t. Well, here’s the truth. Jesus made us enough when he took our place! He declared us enough!


Listen to the Grace Moments

I’ve had some grace moments this year. I have been found drifting and in God’s grace he shook me by the shoulders and in his big God voice said, “wake up!” I have plugged along just getting through my days, and he has whispered in my ear, “you’re just not here long. Don’t miss it.”

Friend, take your doubt, distraction, and deception and throw them to the ground, stomp on them, and say, “go to Hell. I’ve got better things to do.”

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10