When my children were little, I wanted to get it all right. I didn’t want to fail as a mom. I didn’t want to let them down.

So I worked hard; organizing, chore boarding, meal planning, scheduling, and reading every book I could find about getting it right for my little ones. I enrolled them in gymnastics and soccer as preschoolers, and then later began homeschooling them. I bought a wheat grinder and made bread.

It was all good stuff, but my motivations and priorities were misguided and I was miserable.

The Lies

I believed two lies that trapped me in fear-based parenting:

  1. If my children were to grow up healthy,

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I’m accepting now that my children will need therapy as adults. I’m really okay with that.

Whatever expectations I once had of parenthood have slowly melted  into a puddle like Frosty the Snowman on a warm day. So, I’m putting on my rubber boots and jumping in some puddles!

I think it wise to begin 2018 accepting that this year will have more questions than I have answers, more problems than I have solutions, and more crises than I have tears. I am accepting now that my children will do stupid things that I never could anticipate,

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Ever feel like God is hiding from you? Like he is a mysterious, invisible force that you might catch a glimpse of if you ever get it together spiritually? Are you struggling to find God’s will for your life, feeling like he has you on a holy scavenger hunt?

God is mysterious in the sense that he is more wonderful and powerful than we can fully comprehend. His ways are higher than ours for sure. He may be hard to see as we search for him through our sin-stained, earthly focused lenses, but he is right here.

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