I was so blessed to spend the weekend with my mother! She’s one of the greatest people on the planet. We had a blast going to yard sales, eating yummy food that we didn’t have to cook, and laughing about the “good ole’ days. She always spoils me and always makes me choose where to eat. Love.

I felt refreshed and missed Hot Pastor and even my kids when it was time to drive home from North Carolina.

It was whirlwind of activity when I arrived mixed in with lots of hugs and smiles. A last minute costume for a play had me spray painting shoes for my Munchkin’s adventures in Oz. Lunches needed to be packed, children needed to be picked up, dropped off, and made to take showers. 

When it was time to go to bed, I had a sore toenail that had become super painful. I hardly slept.

Monday morning was one of those that no amount of coffee could remedy. By lunch time I felt achy and cold. The school nurse confirmed my fever so I set to work making plans for a substitute on Tuesday. (Highly recommend a set of sub plans to keep on hand!) When finally finished, I took my youngers home and crashed in the big comfy chair under blankets.

Meanwhile, Hot Pastor had to take the helm and keep everything afloat. He has super powers. The whole time I felt terrible for him, and sad for my kids that I couldn’t take care of them. Like most kids, they like how Mom does it.

As tiring as it is being a mother of six, it is my calling. I am drawn to my children and to their needs. Hot Pastor covered all the bases; dinner, lunches, transporting, and bedtime. Like I said, he has super powers, but I am his helper, and the whole nurturing thing was given to me, woven into my design by my Father. 

I am thankful today for motherhood, for the opportunity to nurture. After a refreshing break over the weekend and being out of commission with a fever, I will come back strong this week and embrace my calling with joy. So thankful too for my mother who showed me how to roll with the punches, laugh at myself, and not to sweat the small stuff. Thanks Mom!

If you are a woman, there is a gift of nurture inside. Even if you don’t have children, there are lives around you who need your gift. Younger girls, children without nurture in their homes. Look around. Who needs you today?

God’s love is lavish. Let it flow through you and fill an empty space in a needy heart.