Does your life sound really loud lately? A million voices competing for your attention until you can’t seem to hear your own? Whether its the whisper of a spouse or the scream of a child, there are days when it all seems to come together as one deafening fog horn in my ear. Deep in my spirit, I long to hear a different voice- God’s voice.

As a writer, a pastor’s wife, a mother, a friend, I want my voice to bring life. No more than I can pour my husband a glass of iced tea out of an empty pitcher, I cannot speak words of life to him without first hearing the voice of God in my own heart.  I want to be a source of  encouragement to my children, but unless I have first received that from Jesus, I only have my mess to offer them. When women come to me for wisdom, I have nothing unless my heart has heard from the heart of God already.

Hearing God’s voice is like filling my empty pitcher with clear refreshing spring water. This world will fill your pitcher quickly, but it is not the thirst-quenching water of Christ. When I find myself in a place of emptiness, it’s the voice of God that truly fills and refreshes. His voice pours his fullness into me- his peace, comfort, wisdom, correction, and joy. When I have heard his voice, then I am able to speak his truth to my world.

God wants to speak to us

God is not trying to disguise his voice or use words that we don’t understand. It is his desire to speak to us, to reveal his glory and his plan. He is speaking, but our lives are noisy. Somehow, we each must learn to quieten ourselves before him, to hush the clamor of this earth’s distractions, and listen for his voice.

Jesus taught us that if we are his, then we will recognize his voice like a sheep knows the voice of its shepherd. I have heard countless women ask, “how do I know if its God’s voice?” The greatest way God speaks to us is through his Word. How blessed we are to know the heart of God by just opening up the Bible and reading. As we read his truth and see his life beautifully described to us by his closest friends, we come to know him more.  His voice will become familiar to us as we trust him and obey him as our shepherd.


There is nothing magical about hearing the voice of God. It only requires listening.

Knowing comes from listening, from really attending to someone. Knowing takes time. I think we often struggle to hear the voice of God because we don’t make time to truly listen. Our enemy goes to great lengths to distract us with other voices that sound urgent, because he knows what God can do through someone who listens to God.

No matter who you are or where you have come from, God wants to speak to you. His desire is for you to know his voice, to recognize his truth for your life. Your pastor does not have to be God’s interpreter. You can hear God. You can read his Word.

Today, allow God’s voice to pour into you like life-giving water. You will have to be purposeful in your focus and in your priorities. You may have to say no to one of those voices that seems to scream urgency. Perhaps being still will be your greatest challenge, but hearing the sweet voice of God will be your greatest joy.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. John 10:27


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