As women, emotions can easily be the engine of our train as we chug down the tracks of life. God created us as emotional beings, but I for one have lived much of my life with my thoughts, reactions, and relational choices being pulled along behind my emotions. When emotions keep us from obedience, we miss God’s best.

My poor husband  would love for my emotions to be the caboose on my train, or even derail at certain volatile times each month!

I remember a pastor once saying, “we must do what we must and let our emotions catch up”.

That’s a hard concept for us women, especially.

If feelings are leading the way, some things in life simply won’t happen. I’m thinking about life-changing things. Experiences that could impact us, or the heart of someone else for eternity.

Pause for a moment and think about what has been gnawing at you deep inside. How would you complete this sentence: “I need to _________________” ?

You’ve been thinking it for a while, maybe even burdened like it’s a weight on your shoulder. But, feelings are stopping you from moving forward.  You might feel afraid, nervous, bitter, unsure. For example, you have been thinking, “I need to call my dad more.” Your feelings of bitterness are stopping you. You have been thinking, “I need to volunteer at my church,” but your feelings of fear are stopping you.

Sometimes, we just don’t FEEL like doing something we know we should.

Girls, we can’t wait until we feel like doing something that we know in our hearts is God’s will. I love what I heard someone say once- just do it afraid!

So, I am stepping out and obeying Jesus today. I have been waiting for the “right time” and telling myself, “maybe next week” for a long time. Way too long. It is not going to be convenient. It’s not something I “feel” like doing, but I know that it could possibly be impactful for eternity.

Jesus is working around us and he wants to work through us. It may seem hard and our feelings may fight us tooth and nail, but those emotions are trying to protect self- our hearts, our calendars, our plans. It’s time to put our feelings in the caboose and let the Holy Spirit power and lead our train. Otherwise we may find ourselves way off track steaming forward through our own kingdom, when God wants to take us across some mountains into his.

My husband reminded our church yesterday that perfection is the mother of procrastination. Waiting until all conditions are perfect may mean never doing anything. Is that what we desire?

What is that thing for you? Whose life would be impacted? Whose life will NOT be impacted if you don’t just do it?

Sisters, let’s just do it and let our feelings catch up.

  • Show the respect your husband needs.
  •  Call your dad who has hurt you.
  •  Forgive your neighbor.
  •  Tell your coworker that God loves her.
  •  Volunteer at church.
  •  Invite your neighbors over for dinner.
  • Go work out and start taking care of yourself.
  • Play Uno with your kids.
  •  Go to counseling.
  • Be a foster parent.
  •  Adopt.
Step past emotions to obedience!







Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.  – James 4:14

Moving forward and trust God with the results.

Click HERE to watch a beautiful story of a family who stepped out in obedience.




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