After having the blahs for a day and fighting sinus yuck I decided to be proactive. 

Step 1. Go for a walk outside for 30 minutes. Walk hard. 
Step 2. Eat a crunchy fruit. 
Step 3. Drink a bottle of water. 
Step 4. Make something shine. I chose my tub so I can soak in it later. 
Step 5. Text your husband pics of all this just for a laugh. 
Step 6. Chop something. Create some yum in the kitchen. 
Step 7. Now that you are in a better mood choose your outfit for tomorrow. Less stress in the morning. 
Step 8. Pack your gym bag or set your yoga pants out for tomorrow. Be purposefully healthy. 
Step 9.  Take some essential fatty acids and a really good multivitamin. 
Step 10. Go back and look at the thing you shined. Smile. You didn’t lay on the couch feeling blah today!
Step 11. Grab a bite of chocolate. Dark so you feel healthy. Chocolate chips work nicely. 
Step 12. Grab your man for a big smooch. 
I’m on step 6. Time to cook something yummy. Had to make myself move forward with s good choice but do glad i did. Like riding a bike up a huge hill. I made it to the top. Now I am coasting. 
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13